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Hijama Cupping Before And After Care Plan

The Importance of Proper Care Before and After Hijama Cupping: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover our ultimate Hijama Cupping Before and After Care Plan to ensure a safe and effective treatment. Learn how to prepare for the procedure, and what to do after to maximise results.

Advice to Patients before the Treatment

🛁Please ensure you have taken a shower before treatment

🌮Leave stomach empty for approximately 2 hours before the session. There is a weak hadith that states this too, but from a medical perspective it is agreed amongst all medical progressions it is better to leave the stomach empty before the procedure.

🍶Hydrate plenty- water is the best drink for hydration

👕Wear loose comfortable clothing

After the Treatment

🍇You may eat and drink lightly straight away give it a few hours for your body to settle down before full meal etc.

🍸Hydrate plenty to rebalance fluid levels

💦If you can please wait to shower until the following day if you must then make sure you do NOT use hot water, it should be very mild / Luke warm also ensure you thoroughly dry the cupped area.

🍯If your skin feels itchy etc feel free to apply plenty of moisturiser can be cosmetic like Nivea or olive oil etc to encourage healing of the skin and prevent scarring 

❌Do not rub or scratch the areas cupped

❌ If close to 500ml of blood was extracted we would advise avoid strenuous physical activity (such as weight training/ gym workouts) for a day

🚯Avoid marital relations for a day to allow the body to recuperate

🔊Note: Always listen to the body please allow rest and recovery time as this will ensure speedy and straight forward recovery. Do not push the body beyond limits as this will strain the natural healing process.

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